International School of Auctioneering



For the two week Course

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  • Please call for any available dates. 1-800-465-7578

The International School of Auctioneering will hold three terms a year: The Spring Term, The Summer Term and the Fall Term.

Location is in Red Deer, Alberta

Each Term is for a Period of Two Weeks.

Each term is a complete course in itself.

It only takes one term to become am auctioneer.

There will be a minimum of 55 hours of Bid Calling instruction designed to teach you how to develop a "CHANT" in preparation for your first sale.

There will be field trips to local auctions to acquaint the students with different sales and selling techniques. Also there will be mock auctions with the students doing the actual bidding, selling and clerking. At the end of the course, there will be a wind-up sale open to the public with the students doing the selling.